Cool & Dry Lingerie Brands Designed For Comfort & Beauty

Sweating in hot weather and even worse, excessive sweating in extreme heat conditions sometimes makes it impossible to look good and feel great.

There are plenty of skin, hair and body care products on the market manufactured to provide sun protection, relief, comfort and manageability.  But the most practical and best solutions is to be more selective about the quality of the clothing we put on our skin, which is the body’s largest breathing organ.

Cool-jams Wicking Sleepwear For Night Sweats

The Best Hot Weather Hair & Clothing Tip Is To Stay Cool & Dry

The use of quality breathable fabrics to wick moisture away from the skin, fabrics that evaporate moisture more easily and readily, enhanced and reinforced underwear, clothing and lounge wear with sweat shield protection, built-in temperature and moisture control, built-in physiotherapy are just a few of the innovative solutions on the market today.

Wearing light-coloured, lightweight and single layer of clothing made of breathable fabric is a given when it comes to sun and heat protection.  Shop for quality brand name clothing that is durable, versatile, functional, stylish, built-in special body support and comfort calculated into the design and beauty to stay cooler and drier all summer long.

Exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun, chlorine in pools, and salt water at the beach can cause hair to become more bleached and dry, limp, unmanageable.  One of the most practical solutions for hair protection is to wear a hat.  There are various brand name hair protection products such as leave-in conditioners -spray it on your hair to protect it from the sun, especially if you have prolonged exposure to the sun.


Brand manufacturers have designed most everything from lounge wear, sleepwear, intimate apparel and underwear to help regulate the body’s temperature using cool, dry moisture wicking fabrics.

UV sun protective clothing, moisture wicking intimate apparel, sleepwear and lounge wear, built-in sweat shield protection design, breathable fabrics (light coloured and light weight), breathable hats, sunglasses, sunblock,  moisturizers, conditioners are just a few ideas to help you stay cool and dry.

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