Aubade Lingerie 2022

Watch the Aubade Calendar Lingerie 2022 and 2011 videos to appreciate the genius and ingenuity in the art of creating endless beauty through lingerie fashion.

In the 2011 calendar Aubade lingerie brand is redefined as the “French Art of Loving”.   Aubade lingerie is designed for pleasure and beauty.  The provocative allure and seductive quality of the Aubade brand continues in 2022.

The company trademark was the first to market lingerie as a pleasure product and transcended the mind set of women worldwide.  Lingerie became more than intimate apparel designed for comfort and fit.  Women justify their spending for high quality, high fashion, luxury fine lingerie because it makes them feel priceless.  The feeling of luxury and elegance, the feeling of romance and seduction, the feeling of tantalizing allure rather than just design, comfort and fit is the revolutionizing genius of Aubade.  Simply put, the Aubade brand features high quality and luxurious fine lingerie with boldness for strong colors and interplay of fabric and textures designed for beauty and pleasure.

Iconic film star and lingerie trend setter on and off the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe is well known for her legendary performance of the song ’Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’.  But, who can afford to buy diamonds in today’s depressed economy.  No doubt, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but luxury fine lingerie also makes women feel priceless.

Aubade luxury lingerie in 2022  continues to set the trend for luxe lingerie, and to be at the forefront of promoting women’s lingerie as a product for beauty and pleasure.

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