Aubade Calendar Lingerie 2011 Aubade-French Art of Loving.

Aubade has been redefining women’s lingerie fashion since its creation in 1958.  It is one of the most internationally acclaimed lingerie houses that have made history in the world of lingerie and intimate apparel.  Its humble beginning in 1875 started when Dr. Bernard set up a corset and girdle making factory in France.  The elegance and sophistication of this product line soon rocketed to the top of the European fashion scene. In 1958 the Pasquier takeover of the company expanded the product line to include lingerie and swimwear.  In 1963 Aubade boldly challenged the boundaries of innovation and creativity by introducing color and prints of original motifs into their collections and coordinating sets.  In 1972 Aubade introduced the first strapless bra and the first halter neck bra. The company trademark was the first to market lingerie as a pleasure product and transcended the mind set of women worldwide.  Lingerie became more than intimate apparel designed for comfort and fit.  Women justify their spending for high quality, high fashion, luxury fine lingerie because it makes them feel priceless.  The feeling of luxury and elegance, the feeling of romance and seduction, the feeling of tantalizing allure rather than just design, comfort and fit is the revolutionizing genius of Aubade.  Simply put, the Aubade brand features high quality and luxurious fine lingerie with boldness for strong colors and interplay of fabric and textures designed for beauty and pleasure.

Watch the Aubade Calendar Lingerie 2011 and 2022 videos to appreciate the genius and ingenuity in art of creating endless beauty through lingerie fashion.

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