Tender Loving Care Lingerie Laundry Checklist

Always Read Specific Care Instructions on the Label Before Washing Your Laundry

Practice the Tender Loving Care Lingerie Tips and Use Lingerie Wash Bags

  • Always read the specific care instructions on the label before washing your lingerie.
  • Always check for colorfastness.
  • To prevent shrinking and damaging your lingerie, it is always best to hand-wash in cold water.
  • Use a color safe, mild detergent designed for such delicate fabrics.  Regular detergents can damage your lingerie.
  • Soak the lingerie item for about 3 minutes.  Agitate gently, but do not twist. Twisting or hand wringing badly wrinkles the lingerie.
  • Avoid wringing your lingerie. Instead, gently press out the excess water between two clean and dry towels.
  • Hand-washing and rinsing in cold water is highly recommended.
  • Use a Lingerie Wash Bag or a tightly sealed pillow case if you are machine washing your lingerie.
  • Always use the delicate cycle for machine washing.
  • Always fasten hooks and eyes if you are machine washing bras, corsets or any lingerie item that has these features.
  • It is best to air dry rather than use dry, hot air in a dryer.
  • There are 3 ways to air dry your lingerie:  line dry, drip dry or dry flat on a clean and dry towel.
  • Silk lingerie items should always be dried flat to avoid stretching.  Roll the lingerie in a towel and place it flat on another towel to dry.
  • Never dry silk in direct sunlight because the color will fade.
  • Never spray perfume, fragrance or any such body products on silk because it will stain.
  • It’s best to treat fresh stains as soon as possible. Briefly soak, and then gently press (not wringing) the lingerie in cold water a few minutes prior to washing.
  • Always wash colors separately.
  • Never use bleach.
  • Hang lingerie in a steamy bathroom to remove wrinkles.  If you choose to iron, always make sure that the lingerie is slightly damp and use gentle steaming to remove wrinkles.

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